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Some people are planing relocation proces slowly and thinking about each small details. Some did relocation process rapidly and without planing. None do his personal moving process so simply and without damages.

No matter where your moving process is right now in the moving business lifecycle (pick-up, storage, loading, in-transit, delivery), Personal Moving (Relocation) Consulting guides you through complex, relocation process challenges.

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We are a powerful mix of relocation specialist and consultants, industry talent, and experts who keeps up with the latest advances in technology and innovations–eager to take on your challenges and create custom solutions for your need. That meet your immediate and long-term moving needs right now. Our support and remote work can help minimize or prevent disruption in your relocation process.

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A primary mission of the Personal Consultant is to provide information and assistance to anyone with a question about Moving Household Goods, including individuals who have filed claims for benefits and are seeking assistance with the claims process. The Personal Consultant provides such information by conducting outreach events at locations throughout the country each year, and by being available to speak directly with members of the public by telephone, email, and written correspondence.

A mover that demands a large deposit from his customers upfront likely has an agenda other than securely moving your belongings - like collecting your money and hiding. If a mover demands a large deposit with cash on pickup or want collect whole balance before delivery, move on to select a different company.

Paying cash for Moving Companies is asking for trouble from you. When you pay cash on pickup, there is no evidence of a transaction and you not protected. Therefore, if your things aren't moved to your new location, or even worse, you don't get them back, you have no evidence of ever having paid for service.

Do Not Sign a Partial or Empty Contract Never. You would never sign a loan agreement or binding contract of other sorts with blanks; the same rule applies for all moving papers and contracts what you want to sign. Make sure the contract is filled up correctly, complete and all filled in before signing anything. And make sure the you read it before sign.

Make sure you sign a complete moving contract with 5-6 pages for long distance moving with Insurance, or one that is more than two pages. All of your goods should be listed in inventory list pages on the contract.

Yes, the Personal Consultant is interested in receiving information about any meetings in your area where individuals wish to learn more about Moving Process and All hidden fees or problems those coming in relocation progress.

Depends to your plane we will help you with claim forms and provide documentation of the types of claims including service delays, lost or damaged items, quality of service, disputed charges and property damage in your moving process. We will helping you with Mover's Claims

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